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I think this is a great start and I too was fustrated by all the talk and no
action. I always felt it was more important to get the content in place and
then it could be formatted or copied to another solution if needed.

I believe I had posted a suggested TOC that I say used in another similar
project - as a good outline to begin with.

I was looking at the edit feature. Do you need to FTP up the images to the
image library and then reference them?
Maybe add a small example page :)

I've been using SnagIT Studio to do screen snapshots and annotations for my
customer documentation like
http://www.portalparts.com/temp/EventRegistrationComponent.jpg  - It saves
trying to explain it in 1000 words or more.
Doing some of these may be quite helpfull for this documentation.

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Ok, its been discussed enough and nothing has been done, so I am going to
kickstart the Geeklog Documentation Effort.  I have up MediaWiki on my
webserver and transfered most of the Plugin Developers Handbook to it.  I
never understood all the talk about wikis -- this one allows easy insertion
of images stored on the server and adequate markup.  I mean its not MSWord
but its usable.

Before I solicit other participation, hopefully a consolidation of all the
documentation efforts, I was wondering if Tony wanted to host it one the
Geeklog server.

By the way, they do a neat trick on install.  You are asked for mysql
database name, user, password and optionally the root password.  If you
supply the root password it will make the database, tables and user with
correct permissions for you.

Install and transfering most of the Plugin Developers Handbook took about 1

Unless I hear from Tony that he wants to host it or some objection, I will
solicit submissions and announce it soon.

Tom Willett
tomw at pigstye.net

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