[geeklog-devel] Better way to manage themes stuff

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Tue Mar 16 10:02:07 EST 2004

Yeah, I'll look into this.  I'm hoping this isn't something that will 
take much time.


Blaine Lang wrote:
> Tony,
> I think this would be very helpfull.
> Blaine
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>>Hey, I was talking with a coworker doing a few GL installs for some 
>>personal things he has (including one for his church) anyway, he ased a 
>>question around knowing what template variables are available to a page. 
>>    That got me to thinking a bit about the translation stuff for GL2. 
>>Right now there is a PHP shell script that can recursively parse .php 
>>pages calls to the getText() function.  With a little modification it 
>>would be easy enough to have a hacked version of that script pull out 
>>calls to setVariable().  In addition to that we can have it look at 
>>which actual template it is working on and then print a file that lists 
>>the template file name (absolute path) and variables used.
>>Now that by itself doesn't do a whole lot but maybe that could be the 
>>basis of what gets used for documentation, no?  Heck, even knowing what 
>>variables are available in each template without descriptions would help 
>>since many of the variables have descriptive names.
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