[geeklog-devel] Comment Speed Improvement

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Mar 28 17:03:37 EST 2004

>I've been thinking hard about improving the speed of displaying comments 
>by reducing the number of queries and potentially removing the need to 
>use recursive functions.

Well, I didn't RTFA, but if it improves the speed while retaining
compatibility with old links, I'm all for it. And if you could throw in
links to individual comments (so that search results in comments can
point to the actual comment) ...

Btw, did you see that I assigned you a bug report submitted by Niels:

I think for 1.3.10, we should concentrate on speed improvements (like the
ones suggested by Niels, but there may be others) as well as fixing some
of the inconsistencies that have crept in over the last few releases. And
if we could do all that in less than 8 months this time ...

Which doesn't mean that new features aren't welcome. Tony, Blaine, what's
the status of your latest additions (spell checker, archiving)?

bye, Dirk


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