[geeklog-devel] Comment Links

Vincent Furia vmf at abtech.org
Thu May 20 14:56:15 EDT 2004

I've just submitted to CVS a method to link to comments directly.  You 
can link to a comment directly by:


There are still some issues to work out.

Currently it is set up to display the comment specified by <commentid> 
and its children (if any and when not in flat comment mode).  This 
brings up a question:

1.  How should the comment default mode be determined.  Right now I have 
  it that you can add an optional parameter to the url 
format=<commentmode> (where commentmode one of: threaded, nested, flat) 
and a default to threaded.

Should a user's preferences be used?  Should the site default be used? 
I'm not sure all the purposes this linking will be used for so I'm not 
sure what a good default (or way of determining default) would be.

The comment bar really sucks for the display of comments like this.  Any 
changes made to options using the comment bar pushes you back to 
article.php.  So...

2.  Should we overhaul the comment bar, remove it when displaying a 
direct link to a comment, or remove it for all uses in comment.php (i.e. 
linking to pid's using mode=display as well)?

One last thing to think about.  What template variables should we add 
now that this is available.  One obvious variable is adding a 
{permalink} to the comment.thtml.  Another is adding a link to the 
comment for Dirk's reporting of comment abuse.  Any others?  Note: I 
haven't added any yet (not even the obvious ones).

In any case I'm not sure how much time I'll have to work on this in the 
next week.  I have some big chores to take care of around the house and 
then I have to travel for business.  Once I'm back I'll try to fix up 
these problems taking into account any feedback.


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