[geeklog-devel] Bug and it's fix.

Justin Carlson justin.carlson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 14:53:44 EDT 2005

Downloaded the latest version the other day, came accross this bug.

On or near line 273 of layout/professional/admin/story/storyeditor.thtml

var jstest = {showarchivedisabled}

Now, if for whatever reason {showarchivedisabled} is not there, does
not get placed, falls into another dimension, whatever, there will be
a JS error every time you edit a story.  I am not sure why this
started happening really, have not edited the code much at all. But it
happened, and I found it annoying.

Solution for fix, change the line to:
var jstest = "{showarchivedisabled}";

Now when {showarchivedisabled} does not show up, the source ends up with:
var jstest="";


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