[geeklog-devel] sid or auto increment in gl2?

Dwight Trumbower dwight at trumbower.com
Thu Feb 3 10:10:39 EST 2005

I'm assuming what you are really talking about is a primary key and an
index. All gl2 and plugins should use the primary key and if someone
wanted to enhance their site, they could use the index.

> Perfect middle ground.  I will update the schema and 'make it so'.
> --Tony
> Vincent Furia wrote:
>>Why not use the autoincrement as a primary key, and have an "id"
>>similar to 1.3.x for accessing an item?  The key would be used
>>internally for joining tables, etc, but the 'id' (which would default
>>to some random value, but could be user assignable (and unique)) could
>>be used for external (i.e. user) access to the item.
>>Sorry Tony, I meant to add that suggestion to the email I originally
>>sent to you, but looking back I realize I left that off.
>>On Wed, 02 Feb 2005 18:39:21 -0600, Tony Bibbs <tony at tonybibbs.com>
>> wrote:
>>>Vinny brought up a really good point worth a good review before we just
>>>run with it.  The current GL2 model has the item table with a
>>>auto_increment PK.  It was suggested by Vinny that many may prefer the
>>>1.3.x method of using timestamps as it more obscure (security by
>>>security anyone?)
>>>There are two thoughts, one is that security by obscurity is a better
>>>route.  The other is that the item-level security in GL2 should make it
>>>so that if people guess the id because it was autoincremented, it
>>>wouldn't let them have access unless they truly should.
>>>My only issue against the timestamp is that GL2 was hoping to support
>>>multiple web servers and this could introduce some PK contention in that
>>>case.  The auto_increment field would eliminate the risk of that.
>>>So that said, any additional arguments one way or another?  Any
>>> preferences?
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