[geeklog-devel] The next steps towards 1.3.12

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Feb 27 17:01:17 EST 2005

I think we should start wrapping up a few things to get towards a 1.3.12
release eventually.

The biggest 3 open issues I see at the moment are

1) The generic new/edit/delete plugin API extensions we just talked about.

2) Trackback etc.
Work needed here: Add a trackback counter to the stories table (just like
the comments counter); some code to handle timeouts better; allow resends.

3) The external authorisation stuff
Have to refresh my memory what the remaining open issues here actually were.

Once those are done, I'd like us to do a beta release (or "technology
preview" or whatever) to get some user feedback on the new features.
Adding (or even removing) features after that point would still be
possible (as opposed to Release Candidates). I just happen to think that
we could use some input from our users at this point.

I'm pretty busy at work at the moment, so I will probably not have too
much time to work on these things during the week for at least the next 2
weeks. I could handle #1 and #2 (especially #1, since I need that
functionality in plugins I'm working on).

Is anyone willing / interested in taking care of #3?

bye, Dirk


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