[geeklog-devel] Re: [geeklog-cvs] geeklog-1.3/public_html directory.php,NONE,1.1

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Jan 8 15:24:19 EST 2005

>Added Files:
>	directory.php 
>Log Message:
>A date-based listing of all the stories on a site.
>To do:
>- Move text strings to the language files
>- Move configuration option to config.php
>- (maybe) use templates ...

Forgot to add:
- Hook it up with the rest of Geeklog, i.e. add links to it somewhere.

This is a script I originally wrote for a client and which can go into
the core with their permission. In its current form, it's self contained,
so you can simply download it and throw it into your public_html directory.

Currently, it only lists stories. Blaine wanted to see it being
extendable so that plugins could add content, too. I'm a bit reluctant,
though, and fear that it would make it too complex / complicated.


bye, Dirk


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