[geeklog-devel] Links to-do

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu Jan 27 22:28:07 EST 2005

Here are some things the links plugin needs to do (in no particular 
order).  The first thing are things addressed across plugins and should 
be addressed in the framework of the 'item' concept.  The second list 
are things specific to the link plugin.

- allow security defaults to be set for plugins
- email notification when items get accepted, denied, etc
- Disable items
- Rating of items (possibly a seperate plugin)

- Ability to report a broken or inappropriate link
- links give ownership to the submiter.  Should work just like stories 
in 1.3.x
- Nested categories (handled by current data model)
- Count click-thru's. Should be configurable to turn this off
- Automatic checking that links work (optional cron script or something)

More anybody?  Trying to get this all articulate for Kevin.  It's worth 
noting that I did go through the 1.3.x feature list to generate some of 
this.  I need to double check it that I didn't miss something.


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