[geeklog-devel] GL2 update

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Wed Mar 9 17:39:14 EST 2005

This week I have been tweaking the DAO layer in GL2.  A few notable items:

1) The implemented PropelDAO no does not know anything about the glConf 
global.  This is intentional as I am trying my best not to have classes 
depend on global data.  Typically I got around this by sending config 
options to the constructor.

2) Now that I'm actually working on a plugin (links) I have some tweaks 
I've made to the find() method.  Nothing big, though

3) Vinny has researched the translation options and right now we plan on 
using the Translation2 support built right into Flexy (the template 
engine).  This will actually have a huge performance improvement as 
language strings will only not be substituted per every request (i.e. we 
aren't opening a file with the strings and doing substitutions).  
Instead, flexy 'compiles' each template and makes a version of the 
template for each language.  Thus Header.thtml would be compiled into 
Header.thtml.en.php for English and Header.thtml.de.php for German, 
etc.  We don't have this actually implemented in any of the screens I'm 
working on but making the decision is half the battle.  As for the 
default file format for getting the strings out to translators, we are 
leaning towards XML as it doesn't seem to require any additional options 
to be compiled into PHP.

4) I have not yet modified the PropelDAO to compile named query files.  
I have, however, added support for multiple named query files.  This, 
obviously, is required so that plugins can keep their queries separate 
from the gl2 kernel.

5) I have a helper, Silvio Porcellana, who is concentrating on the 
command line interface for Auth_Enterprise.  GL2 doesn't support 
Auth_Enterprise yet for the lack of this very feature.  However, once 
that is done, I will write AuthEnterpriseAccountManager.php to support it.

One thing that has come up, though, is the concept of tabbed pages.  I'm 
thinking of implementing abstract tab views that have events on them 
(like loseFocus, etc) so that we can have richer GUI's.  Any opinions on 


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