[geeklog-devel] About the "internal" and Webservices APIs

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Sat Aug 11 05:20:03 EDT 2007

Dirk Haun wrote:
>> This sounds like another application of templates. Of course, one could 
>> save the HTML as a textfile somewhere, but a template would be better.
> I would assume that is just something that sits on top of
> PLG_invokeService? Actually, it's something that could be done on the
> (webservice) client side - apply the template locally before sending the
> formatted story to your Geeklog site.
I am not sure what you mean. I simply would have some page saved as a 
"template webservices", with default content, rights etc
and the webservices, on incoming content simply take that such named 
template and append the content that comes in to it and save it as a new 
static page, with a new ID.

There would be such templates for all kind of occasions and plugins, to 
be used by webservices or for birthdays or whatever.

Its like those template files you can use in Office softwares...


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