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Sun Aug 19 05:40:22 EDT 2007


Here is a patch to the cvs nightly with my work on the Links plugin  
so far, and a tarball with the complete plugin.

As with the existing CVS version, Links 1.2 will now only work with  
the CVS version of Geeklog, so cannot be released before the next  
update of Geeklog.

Currently missing access assignments, features and phpblocks on  
uninstall. I've tried to get a CVS nightly working, but I don't have  
time now and it is clear that there are major changes in that area.  
Someone will have to look into this with a working install of Geeklog  
1.4.2. (I just copied accross lib-admin and lib-plugin, and bits of  
lib-common to an install of 1.4.1).


1) redirect on save works for links, but I added an extra category  
type to portal.php - this is not working properly on saving  
categories when $_LI_CONF['aftersave'] = 'item'.

2) Edited icons_array in lib-admin.php in two locations adding  
'delete' and 'addchild' (in patch), image attached should be moved to  

3) Added <br clear="all"> to admin list template (in patch) as  
category list table was not clearing menu items

4) Mouseover text for addchild and delete is not correct for category  
list - can't see where to correct this

5) category dropdown has javascript onchange submitForm(), but also  
button "Go". Remove button? check for javascript activation?

Tested as root, links admin, submitter, and seems OK at the moment to  
me, but testing and comments needed before this hits CVS.

 From Tues Aug 21 to Weds Sep 26 I will be all over Japan, HK, the  
UK, and Germany so this is as far as I can go right now. If I can  
pass this back for someone else to run with, that would be great. If  
not, I'll look at it again some time in October.

Dirk, you don't happen to live in Munich by any chance? I'll be there  
the evening of Sep 16/morning of Sep 17.


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On 2007/08/13, at 14:55, Dirk Haun wrote:

> Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>> if the version is OK shall I update the CVS with it?
> Yes, please.
> bye, Dirk
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