[geeklog-devel] Feature Request: ADMIN_list (2 requests)

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Thu Aug 23 00:52:42 EDT 2007


IMHO, an additional hidden input does _exatly_ the same as an attached
get-variable in the Url. The url is inserted in the admin-list function
call. You can edit that there easily. The only difference is that you
retrieve the value with get instead of post. I will think about adding
additional input places in the template where you can add additional
text/html/buttons/whatever, but there has to be a limit to where that is
possible, so I will probably come up only with one or two locations, I
guess that will be enough anyhow.

I am _seriously_ worrying however that every further complication to the
function is serving a maximum of 2-3 people that dig the code completely
in all detail.
I would very much make an effort first to document both functions in
detail in the geeklog wiki. Before we can make sure that the current
functions are understood and usable then we should not make the whole
thing more complicated. Therefore I would like to invite you to help me
to write a better and very detailed documentation in the wiki. I am
ready to fix problems like the one mentioned before but not to add more
things before the documentation is done.

sorry if this comes twice, I had problems with my smtp.


Joe Mucchiello wrote:
> I can't really make the forms have different action urls. They pull 
> their action url out of the $_GET array (so that they don't mess up 
> the other display) and thus end up identical. It's too complicated to 
> explain here. But I've figured out a different change that would be 
> easier on you and not as messy in the
> Add a hidden input with the $component variable in it to the form.
> <input type="hidden" name="component" value="{component}">  // added 
> to (probably) the list.thtml just before the table opens.
> $admin_template->set_var('component', $component);  // added somewhere 
> in the big function
> That would be an easy fix for my dilemma and I wouldn't need the 
> delitem change.
> ----------
> Passing templates into admin_list would be cool:
>     $admin_templates = new Template($_CONF['path_layout'] . 
> 'admin/lists');
>     $template_files = array (
>         'topmenu' => 'topmenu.thtml',
>         'list' => 'list.thtml',
>         'header' => 'header.thtml',
>         'row' => 'listitem.thtml',
>         'field' => 'field.thtml',
>         'menufields' => 'menufields.thtml'
>     );
>     if (isset($options['templates'])) {
>          foreach ($options['templates'] as $k => $v) {
>               $template_files[$k] = $v;
>          }
>     }
>     $admin_templates->set_file($template_files);
> if you pass in Array('list'=> 'mylist.thtml', 
> 'special'=>'special.thtml') the 'list' element overwrites the default 
> template array and the 'special' element is just added on. You'd need 
> to use PLG_templatesetvars to use the extra template, still, it could 
> be interesting.
> At 11:03 PM 8/21/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>> Ok, I get what you mean now.
>> However, if you have two different functions since you have two 
>> different lists, the fact that the form fields are called the same 
>> should not be an issue no? I am not sure how the "Check all" behaves 
>> though...
>> Finally the url of each form can be different, and include 
>> get-variables to differentiate two forms pointing to the same target 
>> file (such as .../index.php?form=1)?
>> The additional fields on the bottom can be done with an additional 
>> code in the array similar as you indicated. I do not think that would 
>> be too complicated
>> Oliver
>> Joe Mucchiello wrote:
>>> No, I just want to be able to NAME the checkboxes. Currently they 
>>> are delitem and I need to put two admin lists on the same page and 
>>> based on the setup, it isn't easy to generate unique form urls for 
>>> the two lists. Multiple checkboxes would be a bit insane. (Although 
>>> being able to specify where the check boxes appear would be nice 
>>> too. :-) )
>>> Adding things through templates only works if I can pass in the name 
>>> of the template to admin_list(). I don't want ALL admin lists to 
>>> have extra buttons.
>>> The extra buttons would go on the same line as the trash can.
>>> All the code changes are basically in my email. You just need to 
>>> search for the lines to make the modifications. If you like, I'll 
>>> send you a full function with my changes and you can compare it that 
>>> way. (I'll have to go look at CVS's lib-admin to make sure I'm not 
>>> losing any important fixes though.)
>>> Basically it would be nice to have something like:
>>> [] data data data
>>> [] data data data
>>> [drop list [v] [GO]
>>> So you could perform actions on several items besides deleting them. 
>>> For example,
>>> [] data data data
>>> [] data data data
>>> Move to folder [drop list of folders [v] [GO]
>>> As much as you don't want to overcomplicate that beast of a 
>>> function, I don't want to clone it and maintain a fork. :-)
>>>   Joe
>>> At 09:21 PM 8/21/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>>>> And I thought the whole Adminlist was complicated enough already :-)
>>>> Can you tell me what you want to do? I do not want to blow this up 
>>>> into a monster where no one can handle the code afterwards anymore.
>>>> I would prefer to allow the codewriter to add things through 
>>>> templates or so instead of making the main function even more complex.
>>>> You want to have several checkboxes and then also for the next row 
>>>> another button on the end of the row?
>>>> Oliver
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