[geeklog-devel] Themes (was: FrOSCon 2007)

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Aug 29 17:05:32 EDT 2007

Ramnath R Iyer wrote:

>I sent this mail a few days ago, and just realized I had done so using the 
>wrong email address, so it never turned up on the list. :(

Yeah, sorry - emails from non-subscribers are silently discarded.

>The content of the main site could also be restructured to maintain this 
>distinction. Look at the Mozilla website for example (www.mozilla.com).
>is no development news at all, except for the 'Developers' link on the top. 

Actually, that was discussed briefly at FrOSCon and the result was that
we should probably have _more_ developer news and discussions on the
site. Currently, you don't see any of the discussions that are happening
on this list mirrored on the site which could lead to the impression
that there is no real development happening.

mozilla.com probably isn't the best example. We _want_ users to return
to geeklog.net regularly. And therefore, we have to give them something
to make sure they do. Like news and discussions.

The content of mozilla.com is something for a landing page, similar to
what we're trying with <http://geeklog.net/durchstarten>. This could
then be linked prominently from the homepage and we would have both.

bye, Dirk


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