[geeklog-devel] MacFixIt Article: MacFixIt joins the CNET family

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Thu Aug 30 16:55:41 EDT 2007

Hmm, that didn't come out as expected. They must have modified the "Send
to a friend" option to sent HTML (yuck).

I was only wondering if they would be running Geeklog for much longer
after that acquisition:

--- snip ---
MacFixIt joins the CNET family
Wednesday, August 29 2007 @ 04:00 PM PDT

Today is a big day for us at MacFixIt, as we join the CNET family of
technology sites. Like us, CNET has a long and proud tradition of
providing technology information--news, reviews, tips and tricks and
more--to a large and diverse community of readers. As MacFixIt's Senior
Editor, I'm very pleased that we will become part of this group.

The current MacFixIt staff will remain intact in Portland, Oregon, and
we will continue every day to publish the most-focused and most-
comprehensive Mac troubleshooting information on the Web. For you, our
loyal readers, the only changes you will see will be positive ones, as
we work to improve site tools and features to make it easier for you to
stay informed with changes in the Mac market.

Ted Landau, MacFixIt's founder, and a contributing editor to the site,
sent me his thoughts earlier this week about the deal: "CNET's
acquisition of MacFixIt is exciting news. I am confident that MacFixIt
will continue to be the ! top Web destination for Mac troubleshooting.
With the resources of CNET behind it, I also expect that MacFixIt will
evolve into an even greater site, and I will remain, via my columns and
tutorial articles, a part of MacFixIt."

Ben Wilson
Senior Editor, MacFixIt 
--- snip ---


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