[geeklog-devel] Calendar bug

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Dec 21 08:54:03 EST 2007

Mark R. Evans wrote:

>After looking at the code a little closer, maybe a 
>better overall fix would be to remove the COM_siteFooter() calls from all 
>the case options and simply have one prior to the echo $display.

As I said, it's not needed in some cases, e.g.

case 'savepersonal':
    $display = plugin_savesubmission_calendar($_POST);

This returns HTML for a redirect, so calling COM_siteFooter() isn't necessary.

>would be a bit more consistent with how the COM_siteHeader() call is made 
>(only once before the case statement).

The code is a bit ... inconsistent there. Well overall, the calendar
isn't exactly the most beautiful piece of code I could think of ;-)

Thanks for spotting this. Fixed in CVS now.

bye, Dirk


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