[geeklog-devel] links plugin in CVS

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Dec 24 04:37:05 EST 2007

Joe Mucchiello wrote:

>This is in CVS. The links plugin's functions.inc. It has 3 bugs:

I can see another 3, actually.

$_REQUEST['topic'] and $_REQUEST['story'] are being used unfiltered in
SQL requests. And $_REQUEST['story'] may not be set when 'url_rewrite'
is on so the idea of getting the topic ID for the current story won't work.

>     if (isset($_REQUEST['topic'])) {
>         return $_REQUEST['topic'];
>     } elseif (isset($_REQUEST['topic'])) {  // unreachable code
>         return DB_getItem($_TABLES['topics'], 
>'tid',  "topic='{$_REQUEST['topic']}'");

lib-common.php already establishes a global variable $topic (by similar
means), so this piece of code may not be necessary at all. COM_siteHeader
() also handles the case of the topic ID of the current story and
updates the global $topic properly. So if you can make sure you're after
a call to COM_siteHeader() you don't even need the entire function.

Good catch. That function is well below our usual code quality :-/

bye, Dirk


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