[geeklog-devel] GPLv3

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Jul 7 15:42:35 EDT 2007

Michael Jervis wrote:

>> - everything below system/classes/syndication is under the ZLIB license
>And was written/copyright by me, and I'll quite happily hand over
>copyright to the Geeklog project, and you can change the license as
>you see fit and are permitted to by the terms of the license it's

Thanks, Mike. A few of us have since poked around in that code (I did
recently, to add support for a If-Modified-Since header) but that
shouldn't be a problem then either.

>I only ZLIB'd it rather than the Geeklog license as I used to
>use it in a commercial project which has since evaporated.

And since you wrote it, you can still re-use it under any other license
you see fit.

bye, Dirk

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