[geeklog-devel] Webservices API a PHP5-only feature? (was: PHP5)

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Thu Jul 19 14:09:01 EDT 2007

Okay, let's discuss this on the list.

Ramnath R Iyer wrote:

>Hi Dirk,
>I'm still waiting on the PHP4/PHP5 thing: should the web-services part
>PHP4, or is it ok to support PHP5 only (in light of the recent gophp5
>If it is PHP5, then I will be able to comfortably use the in-built DOM
>for XML.

Considering that PHP4 will officially be dead in a year and that the
webservices are an optional / separate feature, I'd say it's okay to
make this a PHP5-only feature.

The internal API (available to plugins and other add-ons running on the
same server) should still work with PHP4. That shouldn't be a problem, I
assume, since it's basically just providing a generic API to what's
already there.

The XML parser would only be needed for actual remote calls. And in the
light of PHP4's imminent demise, I don't see a need to make your life
any more complicated.

We should make sure the entire webservices API can be switched off
anyway, so that people running Geeklog on PHP4 can simply switch it off
and the rest will work just fine.

All: Any objections?

bye, Dirk

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