[geeklog-devel] Journal plugin

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat May 19 11:16:20 EDT 2007

Tom Willett wrote:

>You are welcome to use gplugs

I have now added the following to the gplugs CVS:

Akismet modules for Spam-X

Bad Behavior plugin:

Flickr plugin:

I'll consider gplugs the official CVS repository for those from now on.

I have some unfinished plugins and other scripts here that I'll probably
add as well eventually, as soon as I get an idea how unfinished they
really are. Still better than let them rot on my hard drive, I guess ...

Other stuff by me that's already in the gplugs CVS:

Manual Digest plugin:

This is still being maintained, although it didn't need an update in a while.

Classifads plugin:

I no longer maintain this. If anyone wants to do something with it, be
my guest.

YaBB to Forum plugin converter:

See <http://www.geeklog.net/article.php/20040523125654986>. No longer

YaBB coexistence scripts:

An attempt to let Geeklog and a YaBB forum coexist. No longer
maintained. This includes the only Perl code I ever wrote, btw :)

... plus the ClearBlue and RudeColors themes (in the Themes directory)
which are horribly out of date and no longer maintained either.

bye, Dirk


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