[geeklog-devel] Tags plug-in?

Rob Griffiths robg at griffsweb.com
Sat Nov 3 11:18:26 EDT 2007

Moving forward, I would *love it* if someone found a way to integrate  
the PHP Tag Engine into Geeklog:


This is exactly what macosxhints.com needs -- a way for our users to  
create a tag cloud for our huge database of hints. It's a project that  
I could never do myself, and this would let us use our user base to  
help categorize hints. Then, hopefully, that tag cloud would be usable  
on the search page. We have such a huge collection of tips now that  
searching is nearly impossible -- especially with Apple's new penchant  
for using common words (Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Mail) for application  

I realize this is a way out there request, but I imagine my employer  
would be willing to pay something to get it done sooner rather than  
later, assuming it's not a herculean job -- so if you've got some time  
and motivation, let me know and maybe I can get some funding.

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