[geeklog-devel] Fwd: Windows Live Writer, now with AtomPub

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Nov 7 14:03:17 EST 2007

Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:

>The response to the POST method received from the weblog server was invalid:
>The HTTP response was missing the required Location header.

These things are always "fun" to debug when you can't see what is
actually being sent back and forth ...

I'm sure that Geeklog does send a Location header. But maybe it's
throwing an error (e.g. a PHP error) and WLW doesn't understand that of

Can you try the APE, <http://www.tbray.org/ape/>, with your site? It
will at least log the communication so you'll see what happens.

Note: The APE will leave a post on your site. It would usually delete it
again by itself, but we have a problem with the IDs it's using, as
discussed here before.

bye, Dirk


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