[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Demo Updating

=MF=Geiss geiss at midnightforce.com
Sun Nov 11 22:16:02 EST 2007

I believe most (if not all) of the themes on the demo site are GL 1.4.1 
compatible. However, there are some that aren't rendering properly 
(stretching of graphics, missing .thtml files etc.) I say we put those 
off to the side for the time being, (perhaps someone can find time to 
tweak on them in the future) and showcase the themes that are 100% 
compatible, along with some of the most popular/useful plugins (Forum, 
MediaGallery, Captcha, File Management, Dokuwiki, vThemes, and 
Chatterblock come to mind, but I'm sure there are others I am 
forgetting). ...A thought about the themes - is there a .thtml file that 
was created for the 1.4.1 release that we can use to see if indeed a 
theme is 1.4.1 compatible? That, along with a visual check of the 
homepage in that theme should be enough to tell if it should be included 
in the demo site or not.

Having said the above, with GL 1.5 on the horizon, we may want to 
rethink some of the above. My sense is that we should hold off on 
implementing any changes on the demo site until 1.5 is released, as it 
will need to be updated then as well.


cordiste at free.fr wrote:
> Hello Michael,
> Some themes are very old school on the demo site. We should keep only the 5 or
> 10 best of.
> Mediagallery should be in the demo site, with some clean media samples...
> because this little plugin (2 years old) is very nice ;)
> ::Ben
> Selon Michael Brusletten <ironmax at spacequad.com>:
>> I have been getting allot of comments and questions about what we can do to
>> get new users to Geeklog and what we can do to the
>> Geeklog Demo site to help make that happen.  There has been questions as to
>> if more plugins can be installed and other features that
>> are normally available on the normal Geeklog install.  I have talked this
>> over with Dirk and we have decided that the best solution
>> was to have a discussion as to what should be and what shouldn't be on the
>> Demo site.  Reason I have brought this up to Dirk is
>> because I am just the host provider and maintainer of the Demo site.
>> However, like I said, Dirk and I have discussed it and we
>> thought that this should be open for discussion to get better feedback.  Now
>> keep in mind, any application/plugin that could be
>> deemed a security risk where the root user could make changes to the
>> application/plugin will not be favored vary high before making
>> it available for use in the Demo Site: IE Ban plugin, Bad Behavior Plugin,
>> etc etc because that would limit the access to potential
>> new users.
>> So if anyone has any ideas as to what else they would like to see on the
>> site, please don't hessitate to speak up.  Or if there are
>> other changes about the site that you think should be done, again, speak up.
>> All questions and comment are welcomed and should be
>> raised or commented on this thread, that way everyone has a chance to yea or
>> nay the responses.
>> Michael
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