[geeklog-devel] Phantom or Old User reminders

Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Sat Nov 17 20:32:12 EST 2007

Actually, it would be nice to get the mass delete stuff and the 
normal list into one list. Just add a few more radio buttons to the 
mass delete (One for show all users is needed, and one to select by 
group/feature access), move the edit icon to the mass screen, and add 
additional functionality besides mass delete: mass reset/mail 
password, mass email, mass change status . Most of this code is 
around, but getting it to all work together would take a bit of time.

At 08:08 PM 11/17/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>Sounds nice. I thought about this one when I installed the mass-delete.
>You might need a new field in the database indicating when the 
>reminder has been sent.
>Blaine Lang wrote:
>>I had a request to write a tool to allow the admin to send out a 
>>reminder email to site members that have registered and never 
>>logged in or have not logged in for X months. I wanted to ask if 
>>others feel this would be a nice feature to add to the existing 
>>User Admin program which already has the basic filtering and display logic.

Joe Mucchiello
Throwing Dice Games

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