[geeklog-devel] Bye.

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Sun Nov 25 22:17:20 EST 2007


As you all know, recently those who do not contribute/contribute little 
started complaining and insulting those who do more and more, even 
Additionally, people start to collect complaints about the code and the 
site for months only to have material to complain later.

I was doing this for fun, far beyond the code that I would benefit 
myself from. Because of the abuse and flame the fun is gone however.
I suggest all the people who complain about my work to jump in and spend 
the same time as I did on the core code. Or better, more time, since 
there was so much to complain about in my work.

So I rather work on my own stuff, there is loads to do w/o anybody 
complaining, rather people who once in a while show that they like what 
you do, and know what constructive criticism is.
If someone wants to pick up my plugins/staticpages/other stuff, be my 
guest. Ask me for access to the sf.net page/cvs if you want it.


Dirk, sorry to bail out, thanks for your trust & good luck with those guys.


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