[geeklog-devel] PLG_itemDisplay?

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Mon Oct 8 10:56:22 EDT 2007

I remember now I introduced that function myself but due to the upcoming 
discussion it was never used.
The reason was that plugins should be able to modify or analyze 
information before display if desired.
Simply adding a template variable with plugin_templatesetvars_xxx  would 
require that the plugin is installed together with a template using the 
variable, and the actual content of the item cannot be seen by the 
plugin then anyhow. It would be great if the function could be called in 
the plugin api instead so that the plugin could read the variables of 
the template out, modify them and then send them back for further 
processing. I guess that would cover most of the items needed.

any thoughts on this?


> >At 06:50 AM 1/9/2007, Dirk Haun wrote:
> >Oliver,
> >
> >>Ok, rewriting the plugin engine was not the original scope of the
> >>tagging plugin :), but this can certainly be done.
> >>A PLG_itemDisplay('story') could call all plugins and see if they have
> >>anything to add to the story display.
> >
> >Could you slow down a bit, please?
> >
> >Do we even need such an API? We already have something similar in the 
> form of
> >plugin_templatesetvars_xxx
> >
> >bye, Dirk

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