[geeklog-devel] GSoC Summit Recap

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Wed Oct 10 17:35:15 EDT 2007

I'm finally dug out of all the crap from the trip to Cali (Dirk, Northwest lost my bag on the way back), catching up with the wife and kids, etc.

My official recap is here:

(you have to try the crappers at Google, BTW)

Dirk has one but I think it is still only in German so far ;-)

Outside of that we did have a talk about GL2 and I think the new approach I think I was able to get buy-in from both Blaine and Dirk is to focus only on the content plugin (formerly the article plugin).  In this way we don't have an entire plugin given to one person, rather, all work on a single plugin. This helps by a) given smaller, manageable chunks of code to developers as the ramp into the new framework and 2) allow us to focus on delivery of only one plugin (as opposed to the 3 or 4 half-completed ones). Dirk/Blaine, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, in the hopes of jump starting that I was curious if anybody would be interested in meeting using a combination of Skype and VNC where I can give a quick overview of the guts of the GL2 framework?  What I was able to convey to those guys in Cali is that the core pieces of GL2 are in production use here where I work and many of the components have been borrowed for use in other projects.  I figured a Skype conference call with a VNC session would be a good way to cover those.

So, then, the million dollar questions would be are there any takers?


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