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=MF=Geiss geiss at midnightforce.com
Sun Oct 14 13:37:55 EDT 2007

Quoting Oliver: "I don't know about the XHTML changes submitted. 
However, a LOT of the HTML code created in the functions is pure HTML, 
not XHTML. I would suggest that we start using XHTML after the complete 
PHP-generated HTML is able to output both depending on a config setting."

I may be mistaken, but I believe that the translation to XHTML included 
all the core php files, not just the .thtml files. If you look in the 
original archive (which I've attached to this email), you'll see that it 
looks like a full GL rewrite (at least to my untrained eye ;-) ). Also, 
if you visit the test site referenced in 
which is http://www.trybase.com/~sun/ you can see that it validates 
XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

 From lib-common.php line 903:
                          $feed_url[] = '<link rel="alternate" 
                          . $format_type . '+xml" hreflang="' . 
                          . '" href="' . $baseurl . $A['filename'] . '" 
                          . $format_name . ' Feed: ' . $A['title'] . '" />';

 From story.php line 550:
$featured_options = "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"featured\" 
value=\"0\" />";

So, can someone confirm this? I believe, dengen 
went to a lot of effort to go through this. I'm sure there have been 
code changes since they converted to XHTML from the CVS snapshot of 
Sept. 17th. I would think it important to capitalize on these wonderful 
changes before the codebases become too different.


Eric "Geiss" Warren

Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
> Geiss,
> I have submitted a change to the CVS that removes the 
> left-blocks-in-footer variable from the config.php and defaults it to 
> true. In adition, I added the right-blocks-in-footer variable and 
> defaulted it to false.
> If you change one of them now in the function.php of the template, you 
> can create CSS themes w/o any tables.
> I dont know about the XHTML changes submitted. However, a LOT of the 
> HTML code created in the functions is pure HTML, not XHTML. I would 
> suggest that we start using XHTML after the complete PHP-generated 
> HTML is able to output both depending on a config setting.
> The new theme looks great. If you want to take the CVS and remove all 
> the tables from your layout please go ahead. I am a bit off for the 
> coming 6 days so dont expect quick answers from me :-)
> Oliver
> =MF=Geiss wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I didn't receive any feedback on my previous thoughts re: a new GL 
>> default theme, so I decided to go ahead and do a mockup (since a 
>> picture is worth a 1000 words :-) ). Please check it out at 
>> http://geiss.getmyip.com/gl141/ and give me your thoughts.
>> I am also wondering if anyone with admin rights to CVS has added the 
>> XHTML changes submitted by  mystral-kk/ /in this devel email: 
>> http://eight.pairlist.net/pipermail/geeklog-devel/2007-September/002350.html 
>> . This would be a big help in moving forward with new themes.
>> Thx!
>> Eric "Geiss" Warren
>> =MF=Geiss wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Long time lurker, first time contributor. Go easy! :-)
>>> It sounds like the real question is, does one bite the bullet now or 
>>> later? Personally, I would like to see now. XHTML and CSS layouts 
>>> are the way to go IMHO. The landscape is changing rapidly, and I 
>>> know everyone hates to hear it, but GL's layout shows its age more 
>>> and more every day. If the steps aren't taken now, then when? If one 
>>> waits 2-3 releases, they are very realistically talking about 
>>> year(s) until a layout revisit.
>>> I have some ideas for a new default theme, basically a Frankenstein 
>>> of the existing Refresh_F theme (re-worked colors, etc.) and the 
>>> header background at http://www.bartelme.at. I also think the main 
>>> site needs to be re-designed to be more "surfer" friendly. Let me 
>>> explain. Like others have said before, the average joe coming to 
>>> gl.net to check it out will get their first impression (like it or 
>>> not) from the way the site looks. Too much info (especially 
>>> text-based stuff) on the main page is overwhelming. There are ways 
>>> to still incorporate a lot of info, but let the user experience it 
>>> at their own pace. For example, I like the Extras tab toward the 
>>> bottom of http://complementaryduo.com/ that expands and repositions 
>>> itself at the top of the page. Something similar could be tied into 
>>> the static pages in that when you set a static page to be the Extras 
>>> section, its content would appear in the slide-down box. Almost like 
>>> a "featured" static page. Also, more block real estate could be 
>>> saved by moving login/my account info into a slide-down header 
>>> similar to http://www.builtbybuffalo.com. I would be willing to 
>>> proceed with work on a new theme, and gl.net re-layout, if of course 
>>> I have the blessing of the core team and the help of all the 
>>> wonderful people here. :-) My goal is to make GL eye catching and 
>>> interesting. Yes, some of the javascript I mentioned above is 
>>> eye-candy, but there needs to be a certain amount of it, if gl is 
>>> going to appeal to a wider base of users.
>>> GL does a lot of things right, I think a theme's functions.php file 
>>> should be put to more use with regards to selecting column layout, 
>>> etc. The person who converted the GL layout to transitional XHTML 
>>> already put forth a lot of effort that would be a great place to 
>>> start, and it sounds like Oliver is willing to put forth additional 
>>> backend effort to make it a reality. I see a need for a developer 
>>> road map, as organization of teams and a clear vision for the future 
>>> of GL are lacking. But other than that, it sounds like there are 
>>> those willing to make it happen. They're just waiting for a green 
>>> light from... somebody.
>>> What time frame are we shooting for the 1.5 release? Like I said, I 
>>> am willing to put in some significant hours, but I don't want to see 
>>> things drag on forever. Again, I think a clear road map and 
>>> timetable would be beneficial to help everyone focus and prioritize. 
>>> GL has a great core, a great forum, and a great media gallery. Now 
>>> it needs a great look. ...maybe a new name and tagline... gl - the 
>>> cms for the rest of us. :-)
>>> Respectfully,
>>> Eric aka "Geiss" Warren
>>> Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>>>> Here is the current state of affairs regarding the layout:
>>>> It would be quite easy to do CSS-only layouts, as I found out now. 
>>>> Only very minor changes are necessary to create a center-left-right 
>>>> HTML/CSS, one of them being to add a right_blocks_in_footer config 
>>>> to the left_blocks_in_footer, and the other a flag to 
>>>> COM_showBlocks that makes the function simply return if there are 
>>>> left or right blocks in the layout and therefore assign different 
>>>> classes to elements in either footer or header.
>>>> Now the problem: If we want a layout that has the center in the 
>>>> html before the left and right blocks, we cannot have a footer 
>>>> anymore that spans the whole page as far as I could find out. The 
>>>> ideal layout for center-first HTML is described here: 
>>>> http://glish.com/css/7.asp If anyone manages to put a footer there, 
>>>> please tell me how. The footer would have only the width of the 
>>>> story, if the left/right blocks are shorter, there will be a blank 
>>>> space.
>>>> So the only thing left over, if we want a footer, is to have a 
>>>> left, right, center, footer order in HTML and float everything to 
>>>> the left 
>>>> (http://css.maxdesign.com.au/floatutorial/tutorial0916.htm). This 
>>>> would require to display all blocks in the header, I do not really 
>>>> know however what those left_blocks_in_footer are doing in the 
>>>> config in the first place, this should be set only in the theme.... 
>>>> well, in an ideal world this would not be necessary anyhow since 
>>>> all elements would be joined together in one central function.
>>>> So here is my proposal:
>>>> 1. modify COM_siteHeader and COM_siteFooter so that either of them 
>>>> can display right and left blocks (for the left blocks, that is 
>>>> already the case, so why not for both?) This is to allow theme 
>>>> authors to really do what they want and not be forced to a certain 
>>>> order of the main 3 elements. This would be obsolete once we 
>>>> introduce step 5.
>>>> 2. Add an option to simply tell if blocks are there to 
>>>> COM_showBlocks, so that in the header and footer, layouts of 
>>>> elements can differ depending on the existence of left and right 
>>>> blocks.
>>>> 3. Use a table-free layout for the professional theme with 
>>>> left-right-center floated.
>>>> 4. (draft) Introduce a minimal-layout where the CSS only is changed 
>>>> to display the center first. I am not sure how to make mobile 
>>>> devices to choose this by default, and how this will look like, but 
>>>> I will try to find a proper solution before introducing any of this.
>>>> 5. (draft) Create a new function that creates all elements in one 
>>>> go and replaces the COM_siteHeader + center + COM_siteFooter. Both 
>>>> ways will be available but the aforementioned will be deprecated 
>>>> and removed 3-4 (?) versions later.
>>>> comments, suggestions, flying axes?
>>>> Oliver
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