[geeklog-devel] User Profile Plugin API

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Oct 21 11:04:12 EDT 2007

Blaine Lang wrote:

>Another requirement I have seen is being able to not display certain 
>tabs and while that can be done by removing the content from the 
>templates, maybe we should have config options to remove them.

Same here: My employer is preparing to give selected partners and
customers access to the website and I assume there will soon we requests
to hide various account options.

For example, from the "Layout & Language" tab, we probably only need the
Language and Date Format options (and Time Zone, in 1.5). So we would
need a fine-grained way to control which options are available.

Of course, we'll just remove them from the templates for now, as long as
we're on 1.4.1.

Btw, a similar issue will probably come up with the config options in
1.5. We may want to give some people access to some of those options. So
not only should these things be configurable, we may want to make them
depend on rights or group membership.

Just a thought ...

bye, Dirk


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