[geeklog-devel] Student wakeup call

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Oct 22 16:14:58 EDT 2007

Aaron Blankstein wrote:

>I was expecting an e-mail along these lines pretty soon.


>I've been having a pretty serious load this semester but I should
>definitely have some time pretty soon to start working on fixing the PHP4
>bugs in the Config UI. I don't think the issues should take too much time
>to fix, but I haven't spent too much time looking into it yet.

Sounds good, thanks.

There's also the issue of the dreaded '(X)' link, getting rid of the
"Core" tab, and the question whether we will support the config GUI for
plugins (I think we should, but if it's too much work, we may have to
postpone that).

bye, Dirk


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