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Looks good to me too Eric!



On a side note, It would be nice to get things a little more organized.  I
think a lot of things tend to get lost in the shuffle on this list,
especially if it has been busy (like lately)  Geeklog use to have a feature
list but it has been missing for a while.  We need something more powerful
than this mailing list to help organize the discussions here.


Maybe we need to move to Sourceforge or some other project management web
application.  It would probably solve a fair number of our communication
problems.  Geeklog use to use Sourceforge but I am not sure what happened
there.  The Geeklog project should probably be removed from Sourceforge
unless we plan to start using it and keep it updated.






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2 green lights! Thx for your input Vinny!



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I think the theme is looking great. You have my vote to include it as
the default theme for 1.5 along with switching geeklog.net to it for
the 1.5 release. Great job on updating the logo. I think you took
care of Dirk's concerns about changing the logo while doing a terrific
job updating it.

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