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I get the impression people are bloody busy right now, as things are  
a little silent on some fronts. Also, that several conversations are  
getting confused:

(1) if the remaining bits of HTML output by the Geeklog core are  
removed to templates, then there should be no problem in creating  
HTML or XHTML sites as the core would be "markup agnostic".
(2) Eric is creating a very nice theme, and can do it in XHTML if needed
(3) the discussion of the use of tables is irrelevant - this can be  
on a theme-by-theme basis, as the core would be markup agnostic and  
now leftblocks and rightblocks can be set on a theme-by-theme basis  
in functions.php
(4)  plugins can also be made "markup agnostic" by using provided  
core templates for "<br>" or "<br />" and such like, but it doesn't  
matter if plugins do not conform exactly at first - this can be  
rectified over time.
(5) there have been some people getting flustered about communication  
in the forum and on this list recently.

As I see it the only real questions are the "feature freeze" for 1.5  
and communication. So:

(1) what is the position on templating before 1.5, and
(2) if permitted, who will do it?
(3) if not permitted, let's have a roadmap for it. And let's have a  
roadmap anyway (doesn't have to be a timeline). All the cool kids  
these days do everything in Trac (http://trac.edgewall.com/) or it  
should be easy to throw together a simple plugin for GL.

I haven't looked, so I don't know how big a job going code-agnostic  
is. Dengen, why don't you post a patch to current CVS so that we get  
an idea of your changes and if it is feasible for 1.5? I see several  
votes for XHTML, and only Dirk holding back - though I think the  
question of community democracy is less relevant than (2) above. :-)

My 2 yen.


On 2007/10/25, at 21:48, Yoshinori Tahara wrote:

> Hi,All
> This is my first message on geeklog-devel.
> I made Geeklog XHTML Edition. (http://www.trybase.com/~sun/)
> When I asked mystral-kk, and showed XHTML Edition, I thought
> loneliness because there was no reaction at all first. However, I have
> gotten excited very much because it is discussed like this greatly
> now.
> Because it liked moderate flexibility and an enough function,
> lightness, and secure, I began to use Geeklog. I am spending good
> times by developing the theme (My theme is already completely
> tableless layout without modifying the core system. And in addition,
> the number of styles of the box does not have the limit. Please visit
> my playground http://www.trybase.com/~dengen/log/), and developing the
> plug-in now.
> However, I was dissatisfied with HTML output being disturbed.
> (Unfortunately this is truth)
> One day, I noticed that Geeklog system output valid XHTML by changing
> some codes of Geeklog a little. And I had an ambition I set an aim in
> a timing before the release of GL-1.5, to have you adopt this cord.
> Well, Dirk seems not to hope for Geeklog made XHTML in my impression
> because a lot of Geeklog users do not like shift to XHTML.
> I do not know whether most users of Geeklog are satisfied with the
> current state. But, nobody should be able to deny that XHTML having
> already become the mainstream in other CMS or the Blog tool.
> Do you think that a new user shows interest in Geeklog which does not
> support even XHTML? I cannot think like that. I think that there is
> the user who is particular about valid XHTML output in my others a
> lot.
> I hopes once again.
> The code that present Geeklog outputs has fallen into disorder.
> Therefore, please open the door to XHTML from which a severe
> description is requested.
> If it doesn't fulfill the hope, at least, please check the disorder of
> the code again, and please show future vision concerning XHTML.
> dengen
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