[geeklog-devel] More GL15 Issues

Mark R. Evans mevans at ecsnet.com
Fri Oct 26 13:50:46 EDT 2007

Configuration -> Themes

I'm seeing some strange behavior when changing the theme in the Theme tab.
On a PHP4 system I can change the theme, save, change again, save without
any issues.

On a PHP5 install I can change the theme once without issue, each time I
change it after that, the screen simply refreshes and the change does not

I will continue to test this, just curious if anyone is experiencing this?

Also, why not make the Theme field a drop down, there is already a function,
COM_getThemes() that returns a list of available themes.  This would make it
a bit more user friendly and keep someone from mis-typing a theme name.

Configuration -> Miscellaneous

HTML Filtering:  In Geeklog v1.4.1 there was an option in the
config.phpthat defined additional HTML elements that would be merged
with the
'admin_html' element if the advanced editor was enabled.  I don't see these
in 1.5's configuration options.  I'm wondering if these should be part of
the default for the Admin HTML?

Configuration Save

I believe it has already been reported that trying to save the configuration
on a PHP4 system errors out with an invalid parameter to foreach.  The quick
fix I found for this was to place


After line 503 in system/config.class.php, so it becomes:

    function updateConfig($change_array)
        if (!SEC_inGroup('Root')) {
            return null;
        $success_array = array();
        foreach ($this->config_array as $param_name => $param_value) {

Basically this forces the config_array variable to be rebuilt.  I haven't
walked through the code enough to determine why this only happens on a PHP4
system.  I don't believe this is the proper final fix, but it should allow
those who are testing 1.5 on a PHP4 system to at least save their
configuration changes.


I love the ability to close comments for a story or static page.  I think it
would be beneficial to display a message that states "Comments are closed
for this story" or something to that effect.

It looks like the check in comment.php, around line 82 needs to be updated
to allow for comments closed.  Right now it checks to see if commentcode is
not set or less than 0 (-1 being comments disabled), this triggers a
redirect to index.php.  Since comments closed is 1, the submit code will not
redirect if someone tries to post a comment to a story where they are

Changing the check to something like:

            if (!isset($commentcode) || $commentcode != 0) {
                return COM_refresh ($_CONF['site_url'] . '/index.php');

Should do the trick.  I was successful in posting a comment to a comments
closed story using a carefully crafted curl call.


That's it for this round....

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