[geeklog-devel] 1.5 Staticpage Plugin

Gary Moncrieff garymoncrieff at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 5 10:33:08 EDT 2008

Hi Guys

Finnally got 1.5 to install today on a different server, and was palying
with the new [staticpage_content] autotag. When reading the changelog I
thought this would solve a headache I would be facing.

Is there a limitation on using this new tag in a staticpgae? as it will only
display the last instance called.

So lets say you call this 6 times to include 6 different pages within a main
index page, [header, left block 1, left block 2, main block, right block and
footer] it will only display the last declaration, in this instance the
footer, Trying to achieve in a cheeky way, something similar to the php
include function.

Is this the way this function has been designed or is it a bug?

Mny thanks

PS 1.5 is looking very nice, if I find time I will do a small preview and
post it on the forums.
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