[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Project Names (was Perception is Everything)

Michael Jervis mjervis at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 04:57:20 EDT 2008

So, IMHO, this clearly needs splitting off.

Some proposals for votes, I guess?

Geeklog 1.x

1) The application can not be split into a framework and release

+1  from me

2) The application should be renamed to make it more marketable

-1 from me

I beleive it's too "late" to do that, and we're not at an appropriate
break point for this. We have to "live" with Geeklog 1.x, which I
don't find to be a problem, it's just at the "enterprise" end.

Geeklog 2.x

1) The project should be clearly delineated from distributions of applications

+1 from me

I beleive we should have a framework separate to lots of "core team" plugins.

1a) There should be a core framework
1b) There should be a set of "core" plugins
1c) There should be a community distribution called Geeklog 2.x that
is an upgrade path from Geeklog 1.x

2) The project should be renamed to make it more marketable.

-1 from me.

With a split into framework, plugins and distributions, I don't think
this is necessary, but I guess you could call it G2F (Geeklog 2
Framework) to say that a distro is powered by it without saying

2a) There should be a core "commercial" distro with an appropriate
name maintained also by core team


And of course, Blaine, Trinity etc could maintain their own premium
distro's based on the framework.

Michael Jervis
mjervis at gmail.com

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