[geeklog-devel] Upgrade CVS to a distributed repository

Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Tue Apr 15 02:09:01 EDT 2008

Hi Nick,

what a coincidence. Just yesterday I uploaded a CVS-GIT conversion of horde to 
my private server to play around with it. 
If somebody is interested to play around with another GIT repository:

git clone http://git.koch.ro/horde/MODULENAME/.git

Have a peak with the browser to see the modules.

I had one problem with the conversion and maybe you could help me out:

The Horde CVS repo is separated in different modules and I did not manage to 
get all modules in one bit git repo with git-cvsimport. Did you have problems 
like this?

Best regards,
Thomas Koch, Software Developer

Young Media Concepts GmbH
Sonnenstr. 4
CH-8280 Kreuzlingen

Tel    +41 (0)71 / 508 24 86
Fax    +41 (0)71 / 560 53 89
Mobile +49 (0)170 / 753 89 16
Web    www.ymc.ch

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