[geeklog-devel] [geeklog-cvs]Geeklog-1.x/sqlmssql_tableanddata.php, 1.34, 1.35

Randy Kolenko Randy.Kolenko at nextide.ca
Wed Apr 30 09:31:30 EDT 2008

> That's the one.
> AS far as I can see name is not an identify field, though it 
> does have a primary key, and 'totalhits' does not conflict 
> with any values in that (empty) table. I'm bemused.

Ok -- this is the mssql db class trying to be "smart".  Because its an
insert the class assumes that there may be an identity value that may
have to be returned.  Sadly there's no identity column in the vars
table.  It has a PK, but no identity.
Anyhow, I'll have to implement a check in the mssql class to ensure that
it has an identity column prior to tacking on the Select Scope
Identity() statement.

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