[geeklog-devel] Question about internationalization and look-ups

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Feb 8 17:26:31 EST 2008

Tony Bibbs wrote:

>Any suggestions on how to elegantly fix these problem?

I don't think there are any truly elegant solutions - only less awkward
ones ...

>Two problems:
>1) Values in the drop down come from the database in English only
>2) the '-- Select Type --' is meant to be the first option in the drop-down.

The database needs to be multi-lingual then. Either with a "language"
column or separate tables for the languages. Whatever fits your model
better (usually the former, I guess).

And stuff like "Select Type" will then either be part of that table or
part of a global repository of standard texts.

bye, Dirk


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