[geeklog-devel] Call for ideas and mentors for the SoC 2008

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Feb 20 14:33:01 EST 2008

A certain Google employee posted this on a certain mailing list today:

>So not that Google would ever pre-announce products or programs, but
>it sure is starting to feel like Summer around here.

In other words, it's about time we start getting our act together.

Those with a wiki account, please feel free to peruse


Everyone else, simply post here (or apply for a wiki account).

In addition to ideas, we are also looking for mentors. Not only would
you help to bring Geeklog and Open Source forward, there is also a
(small) monetary incentive involved. And it's fun and rewarding.

Any takers? This includes last year's students, btw. Hey guys, are you
still around? I know Google just loves the idea of last-year students
becoming this year's mentors.

bye, Dirk


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