[geeklog-devel] Call for ideas and mentors for the SoC 2008

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Wed Feb 20 16:17:57 EST 2008

It's really depends on the students as I had Aaron and Connor. Aaron was 
excellent and very responsive while Connor was a real challenge and 
eventually had to fire him Trump style. With respect to weekend vs 
weekday, that's really something you can establish with your student. 
Clear expectations being set up front is very important.

Should only require a few hours a month to manage - even less if there 
is a good plan and communication upfront.


Dirk Haun wrote:
> Michael Jervis wrote:
>> Hmm, well that's definitely sounding like too much time for me. I'll
>> be AFK all weekend every weekend pretty much, except for the odd bit
>> in the evening here and there. Very definitely family time.
> Blaine, Tony - say something ...
> bye, Dirk

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