[geeklog-devel] 'force_remoteauthentication' patch forenterprise users

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Feb 25 17:35:05 EST 2008

Blank, Jessica wrote:

>In other words, if all logins are via LDAP, then there's really no point
>in printing LDAP anywhere on the page...

It may be obvious on an intranet but not necessarily so when you
encounter it on a public website. Is it a standard Geeklog login?
LiveJournal? Anything else? I think there should be a hint.

Have to play with the form a bit to see how it may look like ...

[LDAP module]
>Yup. We certainly do have this! It's super simple too. Tell you what; I
>will pull the latest version of the code from CVS and tweak my CVS
>module to work with it, then submit it. :)

That would be great, thanks! :-)

bye, Dirk


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