[geeklog-devel] Events Block behavior for today's events

Mark Howard mark at the-howards.net
Mon Feb 25 22:41:58 EST 2008

Hi Dirk -

>>I'd like to check to see if the Calendar plugin maintainer has updated
>>phpblock_calendar() for 1.5 so that it will result in the display of the
>>current day's events (at least as an option).
> Are you the same person who posted this?
>  <http://www.geeklog.net/forum/viewtopic.php?showtopic=81457>

No, I am not the person who posted that, and I was actually unaware of the
post, but it looks like they encountered the same bug, and arrived at the
same fix that I did.  ;^)

I also see from a later post that you understand that the current day's
events are not appearing, and therefore I would like to officially report it
as a bug (complete with suggested fix).



Btw - if you need an assist with getting mantis active, I'd be happy to help

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