[geeklog-devel] JavaScript Libraries

Mark R. Evans mevans at ecsnet.com
Tue Jan 1 09:58:19 EST 2008

Happy New Year!

I wanted to get everyone's opinion and thoughts on the various 
JavaScript libraries that are available.  There are several good 
libraries out there, MooTools, JQuery, Prototype, etc...  One thing I've 
found is they don't always play nicely together.  Before I get too 
carried away with implementing features in Media Gallery and Chameleon, 
I thought it might be worthwhile to discuss future directions for both 
Geeklog and plugins.

Currently, I have one major feature in Media Gallery (Lightbox 
slideshow) that is using MooTools.  I was playing with some JavaScript 
tooltips for the Forum and other areas and found a nice DHTML/JS tooltip 
package by Walter Zorn (wz_tooltip), but quickly discovered that it was 
incompatible with MooTools (breaks the Lightbox slideshow).   I decided 
it would probably be best if I continued to use MooTools based 
solutions, but if Geeklog and / or other plugins are planning on 
adopting another library, we may have some issues.

Since I only have one released feature using MooTools, changing is an 
option now.  But I would like to implement some additional features in 
the next Media Gallery

  - Accordian Menus
  - JS/SWF based uploaded
  - Image Zoom View
  - Additional JS slideshows
  - Various image display tricks

All of this can be done using MooTools, but I'm sure I could accomplish 
it with another library as well.

Has anyone else already implemented or planning on implementing a 
different JS library?  Pros / Cons of the various libs? 

I would love to see us come to an agreement on a specific toolset so we 
can all move in the same direction, help each other and leverage each 
others work.


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