[geeklog-devel] Config GUI issues

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Jan 1 15:15:40 EST 2008

Just a couple of issues I've run into with the config GUI (no systematic
tests - just things I noticed while using it):

- The entries for the menu_elements are coming out in reverse order. For
example, I have 'plugins' as the last entry in the config, but plugins
are listed first in the site's navigation bar.

- Mail Settings[auth] is a Boolean, so this should be a dropdown. Since
all the Mail Settings are in an array, this doesn't seem to be possible,
though. Or am I missing something?

- When setting error_reporting(E_ALL) I'm getting this:

8 - Undefined property: config::$ref @ /my/path/to/geeklog/system/
classes/config.class.php line 458

bye, Dirk


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