[geeklog-devel] Current CVS version of Geeklog-1.x not working; 'config.php' evidently not being read

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Mar 3 14:13:09 EST 2008

Blank, Jessica wrote:

>Yes, please. Somebody get rid of config.php.dist. But what about
>config.php itself? Why should it be there, confusing users, if it is no
>longer in use?

Keep in mind that the nightly tarball is a straight copy of everything
that's in CVS. It's not necessarily identical to what goes into the
official tarball.

No config.php will be in the official tarball. There's also other stuff
that won't be in there, like some abandonded language files, the PDF
conversion that was never finished, and the Spam-X module for Project

bye, Dirk


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