[geeklog-devel] Copy a good idea: Ubuntu brainstorm

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Mar 4 15:47:08 EST 2008

Spotted this on the php.internals mailing list:

--- snip ---
Hi all,

As many probably have noticed, the internals mailinglist is flushed with 
ideas and people discussing about it. Although this is highly valuable, 
it makes looking through the e-mail list almost a daily task.

Ubuntu QA has a nice solution for this: Ubuntu brainstorm 
(http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com). (They in terms got it from Dell.) On 
that site you can give ideas and others can comment and vote on it. This 
gives a nice overview what the community thinks is important and is more 
accessible and more clear than de discussions on the list. Also this 
would free up the mailing list for questions about writing PHP 
extensions and working on the internals.

Setting this up might be quite some work, but perhaps our friends of 
Ubuntu QA are willing to share their webapp.

Best regards,
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