[geeklog-devel] More appropriate (and inclusive!) icon for 'Professional' icon theme :)

Michael Tutty michael.tutty at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 02:31:44 EST 2008

Funny, that looks like Tony.  Maybe he just wanted it that way :)

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 7:38 PM, Blank, Jessica <Jessica.Blank at mtvnmix.com>

>  Hello gang:
> So I went to the User Manager and thought 'Huh, that's weird. An icon
> depicting ONE user... when most sites have more than one user to manage'.
> So, on a lark, I decided to make an icon that reflects the concept of
> 'users' rather than that of 'user', as well as reflecting the diversity of
> modern users.
> Here is the original 'user' icon:
> http://twu.net/~j/user.png <http://twu.net/%7Ej/user.png>
> Here is my modified 'users' icon:
> http://twu.net/~j/users.png <http://twu.net/%7Ej/users.png>
> I release my new icon to the community, if the maintainers of the stock
> 'professional' theme would like to replace the 'user' icon with the 'users'
> icon, or to use the 'users' icon for any other purpose.
> --Jessica
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