[geeklog-devel] Making email addresses in User Manager links?

Jeff Hare geeklog at thehares.com
Thu Mar 13 12:40:29 EDT 2008

I like that idea also.  I frequently make that jump myself, although I
typically like a mailto: link in the user manager as well (maybe using the
small "letter" icon).


Not to hijack this User Manager thread, but another thing in the user
manager is that I'd <<really>> like is the option to resend someone their
login info, which means resetting their password and resending the email.
Today, I have to edit their account, manually pick a password, compose and
send an email message with their login info.


Sure would be great to just be able to click a button and reset/resend their
login info.





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Hello all: 

I'd like to make a trivial patch to make email addresses in the User Manager
link to the small form used to send an email to users. Good idea? Bad idea?


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