[geeklog-devel] Making email addresses in User Manager links?

Jeff Hare geeklog at thehares.com
Thu Mar 13 16:12:12 EDT 2008

I understand what you're saying, but doesn't that statement **imply** that
unless all the old issues are imported into the new system, setting up a new
bug tracker wouldn't have very much value?

If there are old issues that are important, I'm sure they'll get reported
again in the new system.  Since we can't see the issues in the database
today, they might as well not even be there since we have no ability to
comment on how they affect our operating installations of GL, or to
prioritize which ones the users of GL would like to see fixed first.

Not having a tracker where the user-base can indicate relative importance of
new features and fixes really prevents us from having much input into what
features get developed.  Ie: The dropped Template Caching library, the
refusal to up the story length limit, etc...  These priorities all get
dictated as far as I can tell with little input from the user community.

If people had visibility into the bugs that needed to be fixed, you might
find that some might submit specific fixes to these issues and help get a
better release out sooner than once year or two.

Just setting up Mantis, Bugzilla, Eventum, Trac or whatever with no
pre-existing bugs is a huge step in the right direction.


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Blank, Jessica wrote:

>Do I smell the sweet scent of a Bugzilla install in Geeklog's near

The problem is not setting up a bugtracker of some sort but converting
our 100+ old feature requests (and about a dozen of so actual bugs) from
our old installation of GForge.

bye, Dirk


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