[geeklog-devel] 1.5 preview?

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Mar 15 19:26:43 EDT 2008

Mark R. Evans wrote:

>Unfortunately, this will not 
>show off one of the best new features of GL 15 and that is the new 

Exactly. So this would take away one of the three big new features in
1.5. And the webservices aren't something you can show off easily
either. Which leaves us with only one.

>From my 
>experience, most users do not have an environment to load and test 

Yeah, I guess so. Still, if only those that do have such an environment
would try it out and post about it, it would give the others an idea of
the progress and the new features.

>Those that do, could easily grab a nightly snapshot if they 
>feel so inclined and install it.

The nightly tarball has its own problems, as Jessica demonstrated here
recently (sorry, Jessica ;-)

>You will hit a much larger audience by 
>putting up a demo site and have much less support as a result.

At first sight, 1.5 doesn't look that different from 1.4.1.

A demo site sounds like a good idea, but it will take up additional
resources to set up and maintain. And that's certainly something I'd
like to avoid at this point.

>I would assume the intent is to get feedback on the new features, not to 
>debug the code

Actually, I'd like to send a "we're not dead yet" message plus
demonstrate that it'll be worth the wait.

I hear you, but a demo site just doesn't seem to have the effect I'm
after at this point. In which case I'd rather do neither and concentrate
on getting the thing finished.

bye, Dirk


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